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Our Games

Outbreak Chamber

Germs are on the loose! The fate of Hatch Labs is in your hands!

Game Features:

  • Play through more than 100 challenging levels that will test your every reflex.
  • Discover Antibuddies and use them to help contain unruly germs!
  • Research Gadgets and new technology to aid you when challenges arise.
  • Employ your abilities in fun ways to stabilize the lab.
  • Outbreak Chamber is free to play!
  • Find out more at 

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What the Hatch?

A Hatch can be many things; the birth of an idea, a small door through which to escape, a series of semi perpendicular lines overlapping one another to convey value and shape on a surface. Whatever it is, it marks the beginning of this little company and a journey for me personally. Scape Hatch is a tiny game studio that aims to leverage simple concepts and elevate them with great art, animation and gameplay.

Who The Hatch?

Hank Kellstrom

Founder / Developer / Artist / Animator

I thought it would be a good idea to leave my job in the game industry and start making my own games.  If you want to support me, please spread the word and follow me on social media, maybe toss a coin at myPatreon.